Shaping the world of work in the digital economy

/Shaping the world of work in the digital economy

Shaping the world of work in the digital economy

For better or worse, the digitalisation of the economy has become an unavoidable theme in political and social debates. This new industrial revolution is predicted to disrupt the processes of production, the world of work and society at large. How can we prepare for this and how can we anticipate its effects?

In June 2016, the ETUI’s three-day conference in Brussels brought together the best experts on social issues related to the digitalisation of the economy, a theme that is still difficult to grasp in terms of its specific implications. In dedicating its first issue to this conference and its conclusions, this Foresight Brief offers more than a mere summary of the debates. It aims to draw out vital points concerning the strategic challenges that we believe the world of work faces in this new ‘digital revolution’.

Read the Foresight Brief (PDF- EN) by Christophe Degryse, Senior Researcher @ ETUI (European Trade Union Institute)


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