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Brexit … and you – Now that the referendum is over – 4th July 2016

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WARNING Nothing on Brexit and on its consequences is settled yet. Union Syndicale tries to inform you to the best of our knowledge but we cannot guarantee that the situation will not evolve in an entirely different way. We will try to update this document as soon as we get new information. Now that the referendum is over, what will happen to staff ? It is important to keep in mind that the referendum is only the starting point of a long process. Nobody knows yet when Article 50 of the Treaty on European Union will be activated (some even think [...]

Brexit – La carrière en sursis des fonctionnaires britanniques – Le Monde

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In French only ! Brexit … Au travers d’un article du journal Le Monde Avec l’interview de Félix Géradon, Secrétaire-général adjoint de l’Union Syndicale Bruxelles … 22 juin 2016, par Cécile Ducourtieux … «A Bruxelles, la carrière en sursis des fonctionnaires britanniques» En cas de «Brexit», la question ne serait probablement pas la plus épineuse à laquelle l’Union aurait à répondre, mais elle aurait une forte charge symbolique : quel sort sera réservé aux quelques centaines de fonctionnaires européens de nationalité britannique, vivant et travaillant pour la plupart entre Bruxelles et Luxembourg ? Plus encore que leurs collègues des 27 autres Etats [...]

Brexit – Following the referendum – June 2016

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The British people have decided to leave the European Union. We sincerely regret that decision. For our British colleagues and those with links to the country, this decision raises numerous questions to which no one is currently capable of giving an answer. Union Syndicale Fédérale and all our member organisations can assure all colleagues concerned that we will defend their interests to the best of our ability.