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“SUEPO stands for Staff Union of the European Patent Office (EPO). The EPO has sites in Berlin, Munich, The Hague and Vienna. Likewise SUEPO is made up of four local sections at the four sites. Approximately 50% of the staff of the respective sites are members.

Just as the EPO evolved from the “Institut international des brevets” (IIB), SUEPO was born in 1979 out of the “Syndicat du Personnel de l’Institut international des brevets” (SP-IIB) which was founded in 1969.

SUEPO takes particular care to maintain acceptable working conditions for the Staff of the European Patent Office. This concerns not only remuneration and pensions, but also fundamental rights and a wide range of everyday aspects of working conditions at the EPO, such as working time, working pressure and ergonomics.

Unlike Labour Law in national civil services, the rules dictating employment conditions and rights at the EPO are determined by the Office’s Administrative Council, a group of national representatives who oversee the running of the Office. These rules and rights in turn are set down in an internal EPO “Codex”. The result is that this wide range of aspects of labour law and fundamental rights normally regulated by national parliaments or European Institutions is determined by an organ with only limited accountability, be it only because of the fact that the supervision of the functioning of the Administrative Council is the responsibility of the parliaments of the 38 Contracting States.

Public interest is our interest. The keyword is innovation and a high quality protection through the EPO staff’s work. Innovation is the driving force behind the European economy and provides employment for our members.”

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19 March 201819 March 2018

Question of MEP DK to EU Commission …

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  Working conditions at the European Patent Office (EPO) have been the subject of persistent criticism for years now. The trade union federation USF recently sent a letter to all 38 of the EPO’s delegations. In the letter, the USF’s chair, Dr Bernd Loescher, describes the situation at the EPO as ‘extreme’ ...  

02 March 201802 March 2018

USF highlights “shocking events” at EPO

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 USF's action resonates with blogs specializing in Intellectual Protection Powered by IPPro Patents 01 March 2018 Brussels Reporter: Barney Dixon Union Syndicale Fédérale (USF) has penned a letter to senior European Patent Office (EPO) officials highlighting what it calls the “extreme” situation and “shocking events” taking place at the office.In its letter, addressed to current EPO president Benoît Battistelli, president elect António Campinos and all 38 Delegations of the EPO’s Administrative Council, among others, USF said it had been following the situation with “great concern” ...

02 March 201802 March 2018

Now Europe’s largest trade union squeezes Euro Patent Office’s pips

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USF's action resonates with blogs specializing in Intellectual Protection Council of Europe and trade bosses have had enough of King Battistelli ! By Kieren McCarthy in San Francisco, 1 Mar 2018 at 07:03 The Register Pressure is continuing to build on the European Patent Office (EPO) over its treatment of staff and continued refusal to accept the results of an independent tribunal. This week, Europe's largest trade union, the Union Syndicale Fédérale (USF) wrote to all 38 members of the EPO's Administrative Council noting its "great concern" at recent "extreme" EPO management actions that point to "fundamental flaws in the institutional setup of the [...]

28 February 201828 February 2018

Shocking events around social policy and rule of law issues at the EPO

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[extract from the USF letter to all 38 EPO Delegations, the EU Commission, EPO President-elec MR Campinos] USF is the largest Federation of unions in the European international public service and has been following with great concern the situation at the European Patent Office (EPO) which deserves to be labelled as extreme. A number of shocking events around social policy and rule of law issues at the EPO were reported upon in various media over the last few years. These reports also reveal fundamental flaws in the institutional setup of the EPO taken in combination with its assigned jurisdiction, the [...]