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“SUEPO stands for Staff Union of the European Patent Office (EPO). The EPO has sites in Berlin, Munich, The Hague and Vienna. Likewise SUEPO is made up of four local sections at the four sites. Approximately 50% of the staff of the respective sites are members.

Just as the EPO evolved from the “Institut international des brevets” (IIB), SUEPO was born in 1979 out of the “Syndicat du Personnel de l’Institut international des brevets” (SP-IIB) which was founded in 1969.

SUEPO takes particular care to maintain acceptable working conditions for the Staff of the European Patent Office. This concerns not only remuneration and pensions, but also fundamental rights and a wide range of everyday aspects of working conditions at the EPO, such as working time, working pressure and ergonomics.

Unlike Labour Law in national civil services, the rules dictating employment conditions and rights at the EPO are determined by the Office’s Administrative Council, a group of national representatives who oversee the running of the Office. These rules and rights in turn are set down in an internal EPO “Codex”. The result is that this wide range of aspects of labour law and fundamental rights normally regulated by national parliaments or European Institutions is determined by an organ with only limited accountability, be it only because of the fact that the supervision of the functioning of the Administrative Council is the responsibility of the parliaments of the 38 Contracting States.

Public interest is our interest. The keyword is innovation and a high quality protection through the EPO staff’s work. Innovation is the driving force behind the European economy and provides employment for our members.”

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23 November 201723 November 2017

“Employment Framework” at the EPO …

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"USF is addressing the Council of the European Patent Office. A new employment scheme is under discussion for the EPO, relying essentially on fixed term contracts: disastrous effects on health and well-being of employees and their families are to be expected, the scheme is completely ill-designed for use in an Institution supposed to carry out sovereign tasks." 20171120 - OEB - Letter to Mr Ernst - EN

10 November 201710 November 2017

Letter from the Executive Director of EUIPO

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  Future President of European Patent Office responds to USF letter ( ... In English only ! 20171103 - Answer of Mr Campinos to USF - EN In English too, the EPSU letter to Mr. Antonio Campinos ... 20171109 - Letter of EPSU to EUIPO - EN

06 November 201706 November 2017

Gewerkschaft rechnet in 95 Thesen mit der Behördenspitze ab

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SUEPO the Staff Union of the European Patent Office, an affiliate of USF, inspired by the 500th anniversary of Luther 95 thesis, addressed to EPO Munich's Headquarters its own 95 thesis for the EPO (SUEPO) In German only ! Die Mitarbeitervertretung SUEPO hat frei nach Luther ein Manifest zum sozialen Unfrieden am Europäischen Patentamt verbreitet. Die Vorwürfe gegen das Management reichen von Taubheit gegenüber der Belegschaft bis hin zu Vetternwirtschaft ... Europäisches Patentamt - Heise Online - 01.11.2017 - 18:30 Uhr - Stefan Krempl

25 October 201725 October 2017

Open letter to new EPO director

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USF welcomes the arrival of a new director at the EPO while reminding him of the difficult conditions he will find there. The USF also recalls its commitment to the establishment of a constructive social dialogue that respects the prerogatives of trade unions and staff representatives. Open letter to the new EPO director