23/10: Psychological Harassment in the Workplace – Awareness-raising Day

ALL TOGETHER AGAINST MORAL HARASSMENT! Awareness-Raising Day, 23 October 2018 Union Syndicale wishes to dedicate the day of 23 October 2018 to the protection of workers against moral harassment at work. This is an issue of top priority for our trade union. We would like to invite you to publicize this action day in all places of employment of your institution/organisation. We must all against this scourge! Union Syndicale federates a large number of the trade unions present in the European institutions and international organisations. It represents all staff working for the European Public Service, without distinction as to nationality, gender, creed, political opinion, rank or status. To defend workers against harassment is one of our top priorities. Despite the existing regulations in place, overall [...]

Public Services International (PSI) – “Ending violence and harassment in the world of work”

Following the issuing of the ILO report on “Ending violence and harassment in the world of work », Rosa Pavanelli, PSI Secretary General issued a declaration in which she reaffirms the priority issues she presented in the report she sent to ILO about the discussions of the International Commission on Labour related to the issue. Jointly with the International Trade Union Movement and the Workers’ Group, PSI firmly maintains its position on the issue of adopting international standards to protect workers who keep fighting for the full respect of workers’ rights all over the world. PSI is relentlessly pursuing its fight for a new Convention, together with a Recommendation, on violence and harassment in the world of work. The “Rapport marron » (ie. So called “brown report”) [...]

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Harrassment: Zero Tolerance and Vigilance in Our Institutions

European Parliament : Zero tolerance In the context of the numerous reactions which followed the Weinstein case,  President Tajani vigorously condemned sexual harassment  and took stock of the measures already in place in the European Parliament to counter such practices, against which he undertook to observe zero tolerance. In his response, he highlighted the broader phenomenon of psychological harassment, which affects women and men indiscriminately, with consequences ranging from work-related discomfort to inability to work, or even suicide. Link to (video) statement by President Tajani (EN) Read our news from GT Harrassment following Weinstein case Union Syndicale Brussels Commission - Draining the sources of harassment This issue is one of the priorities in the election program of US Brussels at the Commission. The two keywords [...]

Harassment and Court procedures

News at European Parliament and EIB In the 2 cases mentioned in the latest US Brussels Newsletter, the Tribunal condemned the European Parliament and the European Investment Bank to pay 10 000 € to the applicants, whom had been victims of psychological harrassment. Moreover, the Court confirmed its caselaw on the definition of psychological harassment and clarified the scope of its judicial control, as well as the obligation for the institutions to launch a disciplinary procedure in case of psychological harrassment. Read our Legal Newsletter “Harassment and Court procedures” Stock-taking article on procedures and cases in EU institutions Read more

USF and Harrassment

“While officials and other agents are in theory protected against all forms of harassment, it is often difficult, or even impossible, to obtain effective protection when one is confronted with acts of harassment. That is why, while it does not hesitate to bring legal proceedings when justified, even against highly placed personalities, Union Syndicale is working hard to improve the informal procedures which, if they were correctly implemented, should always provide the best solution. It also makes available to its members very experienced advisers and advocates on the matter.” (abstract from news on USF web site “Harrassment and Court Procedures” At its Dubrovnik Congress (2015), the USF made harassment (moral and sexual harassment) one of its priorities. To this end, the USF Federal Committee has [...]

The 3 monkeys – A teaser against harassment

Union Syndicale wishes to dedicate the day of 23 October 2018 to the fight against moral harassment at work. This is an issue of top priority for our trade union. Presentation created by © Marcel-Eric TERRET (member of IPSO, Frankfurt) and © Véronique MICHEL (IPSO, ECB), with the contribution of the working group on Harassment of Union Syndicale Fédérale (USF). An initiative of IPSO jointly organised with Staff representatives of the Council of Europe, the European Commission, the European Council, the European External Service, the European Parliament, the Secretariat of the African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States (ACP) and the Banque de France.