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May 2018 – Social dialogue – EPSU versus European Commission

  Public Service Unions to take European Commission to court for social dialogue U-turn ... Embargoed until Tuesday 15th May at noon !   The European Federation of Public Service Unions (EPSU) is to take the European Commission to the European Union General Court on 14 or 15 May for failing to implement a Social Partners’ agreement by legislation ... 20181505 - EPSU vs Commission - EN

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International Workers’ Memorial Day

  Europe’s public service workers protest and organize for respect, improved pay and democracy at work   Previous EPSU newsletters have shown that public service workers are taking the lead for better pay. Actions are continuing with many unions currently involved in pay disputes in: Romania: health and social service workers are demanding a pay rise and the right to negotiate collective agreements; Portugal: unions are involved in pay negotiations in the AdP water company, with the STAL trade union organising strike action as the employer is not forthcoming; Netherlands: the FNV trade union has kicked off its campaign to support pay negotiations in central government with a huge rally of prison guards and others; Spain: protests continue over pensions and jobs; Belgium: our affiliates [...]

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IPSO – Press release on ECB annual report 2017

  IPSO, the International and European Public Services Organisation, represents the interests of people working for the European Central Bank. On the occasion of the publication of the ECB’s Annual Report for the year 2017, we would like to add some information from a trade union perspective ... 20180411- IPSO - Press release on ECB annual report 2017 - EN

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Brexit – Open letter to the three Presidents (Commission – Council – Parliament)

  Open letter to Mr Tusk, President of the Council of EU, Mr Tajani, President of the European Parliament, Mr Junker, President of the European Commission ... BREXIT IS ONLY 12 MONTHS AWAY? WHAT HAPPENS TO UK STAFF ? ... 20180326 - Niels Brake - Brexit - Open letter to the three Presidents

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Commission – Article 49 of the Service Regulations – British nationality

Le texte et l'interview n'existent qu'en FR !   HR - APPLICATION DE LA CONDITION STATUTAIRE D'ETRE RESSORTISSANT DE L'UN DES ETATS MEMBRES DE L'UNION AUX MEMBRES DU PERSONNEL QUI NE REMPLIRONT PLUS CETTE CONDITION  EN RAISON DU RETRAIT DU ROYAUME-UN DE L'UNION EUROPEENNE La Commission a décidé de prendre les engagements suivants : *dans le cas des fonctionnaires de nationalité britannique qui ne rempliront plus la condition d'être ressortissants d'un des Etats membres de l'Union à la suite du retrait du Royaume-Uni de l'Union européenne, l'autorité investie du pouvoir de nomination n'use pas de son pouvoir discrétionnaire au titre de l'article 49 du Statut des fonctionnaires, excepté lorsque cela est dûment justifié dans des cas spécifiques tels que des conflits d'intérêts ou en vertu [...]

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Question of MEP DK to EU Commission …

  Working conditions at the European Patent Office (EPO) have been the subject of persistent criticism for years now. The trade union federation USF recently sent a letter to all 38 of the EPO’s delegations. In the letter, the USF’s chair, Dr Bernd Loescher, describes the situation at the EPO as ‘extreme’ ...  

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