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By Florian EDER with Zoya SHEFTALOVICH 7/31/18, 7:10 AM CET The European Commission has urged EU countries not to impose further cuts on administrative spending in the next long-term budget, according to an internal paper discussed at a meeting of the College of Commissioners earlier this month. The paper, seen by Playbook, rebuffs the idea that working for EU institutions is a cushy gig, notes that the Commission has implemented a 5 percent cut to staff in the current budget cycle and argues that further cuts would be both unfair and counterproductive. Unfair: The EU institutions “have managed to neutralize” the effects of staff cuts in previous years by increasing working hours to 40 hours from 37.5 per week, the paper says. That’s more “than in almost all member states’ central [...]

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How important is the European Public Service

USF President Bernd Loescher explains in the German newspaper Neues Deutschland how important the European Public Service is for European integration, why it is under attack by nationalist propaganda, and how it has been weakened along the last years. This article is in Deutsch only ...  

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EPO’s acts were not only flawed but seriously flawed

AT ITS 126th SESSION THE ILOAT SETS ASIDE THE DISCIPLINARY MEASURES WHICH EPO PRESIDENT BATTISTELLI INFLICTED ON THREE UNION REPRESENTATIVES Union Syndicale Fédérale is relieved and delighted about the results of the 126th Session of the ILOAT. A number of EPO colleagues, arbitrarily downgraded or even dismissed won their cases again. Instead of damages, ILOAT ordered reinstatement in the dismissal cases, an indication that the EPO’s acts were not only flawed but seriously flawed. As the outgoing President of the EPO, Mr. Battistelli, praises his brilliant contribution to the EPO’s alleged success over the last eight years, the 126th ILOAT session results are a further powerful indicator of Mr. Battistelli’s disastrous, not sustainable management of the EPO. The 126th ILOAT session coincides with serious doubts [...]

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European Patents Office: 3 BIG Wins at the ILO-AT

The ATILO has handed down a number of Judgments on 26 June, in the course of its 126th session. This is a session on which the EPO Administration will not look with undiluted pleasure. To put it bluntly, it is disastrous for the President Benoît Battistelli and PD43 Elodie Bergot. 4042 – Weaver v. EPO The Tribunal notes that the Complainant was accused of the breach of principle of confidentiality for forwarding letter to SUEPO. The Staff Reg did not prevent disclosure made by the Complaint. The mere fact that the sender of the letter states a letter is confidential does not mean the letter is actually confidential. Staff Reps must enjoy a broad freedom of speech – posting on the website was the [...]

BREXIT: USF Open Letter to All Directors of Agencies and Governing Boards

On 29th March 2019 the UK will leave the European Union. For a few hundred employees of the European Union this day could have life-changing consequences. Concerning Temporary and Contract Agents in the agencies, Article 47 of CEOS states: “Apart from cessation on death, the employment of temporary staff shall cease…where the servant no longer satisfies the conditions laid down in point (a) of Article 12(2), subject to the possibility of authorising an exception under that provision...”. The European Commission has made commitments that staff on indefinite contracts and holding only British citizenship will be able to stay and serve Europe, notwithstanding the UK’s withdrawal.  This has been made clear on several occasions by Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, and later reiterated by Commissioner Guenther Oettinger, [...]

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Is the ILO Tribunal still worthy of our trust?

En anglais uniquement ! The Administrative Tribunal (AT) of the International Labour Organization (ILO) is the successor of the League of Nations Administrative Tribunal, created as a judicial tribunal to ensure to officials the firm conviction of safety and security emanating from justice, provide a judge for internal disputes, and preclude the possibility of one of the parties being a judge in his own cause. For European Patent Office (EPO) labour disputes, the ILO-AT is the only external legal instance. Detailed analysis in EPO-FLIER #38