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L'article n'existe qu'en anglais ... By Florian EDER with Zoya SHEFTALOVICH 7/31/18, 7:10 AM CET The European Commission has urged EU countries not to impose further cuts on administrative spending in the next long-term budget, according to an internal paper discussed at a meeting of the College of Commissioners earlier this month. The paper, seen by Playbook, rebuffs the idea that working for EU institutions is a cushy gig, notes that the Commission has implemented a 5 percent cut to staff in the current budget cycle and argues that further cuts would be both unfair and counterproductive. Unfair: The EU institutions “have managed to neutralize” the effects of staff cuts in previous years by increasing working hours to 40 hours from 37.5 per week, the paper says. That’s more “than in [...]

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Le rôle crucial de la Fonction publique européenne

Le Président USF, Bernd Loescher, explique, dans le quotidien allemand Neues Deutschland, le rôle crucial de la Fonction publique européenne pour la construction européenne, pourquoi elle est la cible de la propagande nationaliste, et comment elle a été affaiblie ces dernières années. Cet article n'existe qu'en allemand ...    

Tribunal de l’OIT: Faut-il encore lui faire confiance?

En anglais uniquement ! The Administrative Tribunal (AT) of the International Labour Organization (ILO) is the successor of the League of Nations Administrative Tribunal, created as a judicial tribunal to ensure to officials the firm conviction of safety and security emanating from justice, provide a judge for internal disputes, and preclude the possibility of one of the parties being a judge in his own cause. For European Patent Office (EPO) labour disputes, the ILO-AT is the only external legal instance. Detailed analysis in EPO-FLIER #38

EPSU/FSESP – Vacancy for a Policy Officer

  L'annonce n'existe qu'en anglais ! EPSU brings together over 270 trade unions from 49 European countries. We influence the policies and decisions of employers, governments and European institutions, campaigning for well-funded public services and better rights at work. EPSU members work in health and social services, local, regional and central governments, and energy waste and water. They are directly employed by the public sector or work for non-profit or private sector organisations ... 20180614 - EPSU - LRG external ad

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EPSU Congress 2019 – Defending public Services

  Le document n'existe qu'en anglais ! Campaigning for the right to water, negotiating on information and consultation rights for central government workers, lobbying for tougher action on tax avoidance and fraud… these are just some of the many activities of EPSU - the European trade union federation for public service workers. We mobilise for action and change ... 20180614 - EPSU - Congress 2019 - Defending and promoting ps and ps workers

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Parlement européen – Arrêt de travail des interprètes

Chers collègues, Vous n’êtes pas sans savoir qu’un mouvement social est en cours dans notre institution suite au préavis de grève à titre conservatoire que le Comité intersyndical a envoyé au Président Tajani le 28 mai. Ce préavis, suivi par les interprètes, concerne les conditions de travail qui leur ont été imposées ... 20180612 - COMI-PE - Arrêts de travail

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