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/USB (Union Syndicale Brussels)

23/10: Psychological Harassment in the Workplace – Awareness-raising Day

  "Union Syndicale dedicated the day of 23 October 2018 to the protection of workers against moral harassment at work, which is one of USF’s top priority issues. On this occasion, it published a series [...]

Harrassment: Zero Tolerance and Vigilance in Our Institutions

European Parliament : Zero tolerance In the context of the numerous reactions which followed the Weinstein case,  President Tajani vigorously condemned sexual harassment  and took stock of the measures already in place in the European [...]

BREXIT: Who Do Ministers in the Department of International Trade Meet?

The Department for International Trade (DIT) aims to make Britain “the world’s natural business partner” and it is dedicating copious amounts of ministerial time to hearing from big business about its post-Brexit international trade demands. [...]

Big Business Dominates Lobby Meetings with UK and EU Brexit Negotiators

Corporate lobbyists have enjoyed the biggest share of consultations with the UK’s Department for Exiting the EU and the EU Brexit Task Force. New research by Corporate Europe Observatory and Global Justice Now reveals their [...]

Council: US to negotiate a new agreement on working time

On 31 July, Union Syndicale, along with two other representative trade unions of the Council and the Secretary-General signed a new agreement on the organization of working time: Simplification, more autonomy for colleagues, less hierarchical [...]

US-Consilium launches a consultation on the right to disconnect

The impossibility of disconnecting from work completely can affect mental and physical health seriously, which is why several Member States have taken steps to guarantee the 'right to disconnect', as in France (Labour Act - [...]

Taxation de revenus immobiliers des fonctionnaires et anciens fonctionnaires : la France condamnée !

In French only ! Décision de la Cour de justice de l'Union européenne - CSG et CRDS sur les revenus immobiliers en France Un arrêt important (C-690/15) vient de tomber en matière de protection fiscale [...]

A Committee on Prevention and Protection in the Workplace at the Service of the Staff

Like other public and private organisations, the Commission was required to set up a Committee on prevention and protection in the workplace, known as the CPPT. The CPPT is a joint advisory committee made up [...]