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Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Brexit (But Were Afraid to Ask)

This 29th of March is not a happy day for the European Union. But European citizens must be informed about what to do. The Commission has prepared factsheets covering different subjects. USF Luxembourg has decided to give [...]

USF follows the worrying developments at the Council of Europe and supports all staff

Open letter of support to Council of Europe Staff The Union Syndicale Fédérale, USF, has followed the worrying developments at the Council of Europe with regard to Member States and non-payments of their contributions and [...]

23/10: Psychological Harassment in the Workplace – Awareness-raising Day

  "Union Syndicale dedicated the day of 23 October 2018 to the protection of workers against moral harassment at work, which is one of USF’s top priority issues. On this occasion, it published a series [...]