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The International and European Public Services Organisation – is a staff union, founded by staff of the European Central Bank (ECB) to represent the professional interests of persons working for the ECB and of other international institutions and agencies in Germany. IPSO was founded on 11 December 1997. Based in Frankfurt, Germany, IPSO has the legal status of a non‐registered association (nicht eingetragener Verein), according to German Law. The highest governance body is the members assembly. The IPSO Board of Management consists of nine elected members. Associated board members may also participate in IPSO Board meetings. An appointed Secretary General provides continuity of most of the day‐to day processes and of the administration of the organisation. IPSO receives support by an assistant.

IPSO works for the interests of its members in creating and continually improving a European Civil Service devoted to and inspired by the values of the European Union, namely the respect for human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality, the rule of law and respect for human rights, including the rights of persons belonging to minorities. IPSO wishes to contribute to a society in which pluralism, non-discrimination, tolerance, justice, solidarity and equality between women and men prevail.

We strive for conditions of employment for our members that live up to highest standards of an international civil service institution. They shall fully reflect and respect the fundamental social rights, International Labour Organisation conventions and the European labour and civil service laws and regulations.

Contact us

Jörn Paulini
Heinrich-Bingemer-Weg, 15
60388 Frankfurt

+49 (0) 6913446720

The contact person : Sibylle Rockosch


*Letter to Chancellor Merkel and Heiko Maas on dismissal at EPO – March 2017 – 20170227 – IPSO – Letter to Chancellor Merkel and Heiko Maas on dismissal at EPO – Signed – DE German only !

24 October 201624 October 2016

La Banque centrale européenne bascule dans une affaire de favoritisme

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In French only ! Par : Jean-Philippe Lacour Le 24/10 à 06:00 - Les Echos http://www.lesechos.fr/medias/2016/10/24/2037246_la-banque-centrale-europeenne-recule-dans-une-affaire-de-favoritisme-web-tete-0211424024741.jpg Un conseiller du chef économiste Peter Praet aurait été nommé sans laisser la chance à d'autres candidats de postuler. La nomination d'un proche de Peter Praet pour diriger le bureau de Bruxelles a été annulée par la BCE suite à une plainte du personnel. Le Parlement européen va débattre du sujet. Soucieuse de conduire sa politique monétaire dans le respect des règles, la Banque centrale européenne pêche encore du côté de la gestion de son personnel. Le directoire de la BCE a dû annuler [...]

20 October 201620 October 2016

Exclusive : ECB annuls Brussels appointment after complaints of favouritism

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Business News | Thu Oct 20, 2016 | 3:27pm EDT By : Francesco Canepa | FRANKFURT FRANKFURT The European Central Bank has annulled the appointment of its new Brussels representative after staff complained Stephane Rottier, an advisor to chief economist Peter Praet, had been handpicked for the job, denying other candidates a chance. The ECB, which defended Rottier's appointment when news broke last summer that an appeal had been filed against it, told staff on Thursday the decision had been annulled, according to an intranet posting seen by Reuters. The appeal, filed by staff representatives Carlos Bowles and Johannes Priesemann, [...]