S.A.C.E. (Syndicat des Agents du Conseil de l’Europe)

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Created in 1966, SACE was the Council of Europe’s first staff representative body, years before the Staff Committee itself which was established later at the trade union’s initiative.
It has remained unique, despite the creation of two other unions, in its constant support of all categories of staff working under all types of contract, its participation in the major debates about the Organisation, its financial support for appeals to the Administrative Tribunal and in its international partnerships, in particular through membership of the Union Syndicale Fédérale of which it was a founding member.

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Syndicat des Agents du Conseil de l’Europe (SACE)
Bureau D110
Conseil de l’Europe
F – 67075 Strasbourg

Bruxelles : tel : +

Interim executive secretary : Pénélope DENU

Contact : Lars NYCTELIUS
E-mail: lars.nyctelius@coe.int