USF welcomes USB action in supporting the CHU Saint-Pierre

Belgium now also has to deal with the spread of COVID-19 on its territory and, as in many countries, medical equipment is in short supply. Union Syndicale Fédérale welcomes USB's decision to support the CHU Saint-Pierre, located in Brussels, to the tune of 60,000€ to enable them to obtain the respirators and personal protective equipment that are still lacking. "In Belgium, the Coronavirus is putting the health care system to the test: medical staff are mobilised at all hours of the day and night, masks and gloves are in short supply and the emergency room is always full. As a trade union, it is essential that the rights of healthcare workers are guaranteed and that their work can be carried out in the best possible [...]

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The Joint Sickness Insurance Scheme and COVID-19 – time to act

Note for the attention of Commissioner Hahn Johannes RE : The Joint Sickness Insurance Scheme and COVID-19 – time to act. While providing a rather generous coverage, the Joint Sickness Insurance Scheme (JSIS) also foresees high payments for its affiliates: 15% to 20% of the health care cost, limited further by specific ceilings. The only mitigation is contained in Article 72(3) of the Staff Regulations: the affiliates payments over a 12 month period cannot exceed a half month basic salary. In case of serious illness all costs are covered 100% of the costs, up to 150% of any specific ceiling. The only problem: serious illness has to be recognized individually by the settlements office thorough the medical council and the criteria are rather strict. Whether [...]

SACE : on Women’s Day, let’s take a long, hard look!

See It Name It Stop It! is the title of a video and an information-action webpage which makes interesting reading, and there’s a quiz on “how sexist are you?” for International Women’s Day – for SACE, these are good awareness-raising tools to help us think about our own attitudes and behaviour. “Ordinary” sexism is composed of small, everyday reflexes - how many times when you read a non-gender specific name in an email do you automatically think it’s a man, for instance? According to a newly released United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Gender Social Norms index, 28% of the world’s men and women think it is justified for a man to beat his wife. The index measures how social beliefs obstruct gender equality in politics, [...]

A new school for the students of European Schools !

Union Syndicale is pleased to inform you that the Belgian federal authorities have approved the building of a temporary school for 1,500 pupils on the NATO site. The Secretary General of the European Schools has also confirmed us this information. The parents, supported by Union Syndicale and the other unions, had rejected the initial proposal, which was unsuitable both in terms of infrastructure and child safety standards. The schools being overcrowded, it was necessary to open quickly a new temporary school. Now, following proposals from parents and trade unions, such a school is going to be built using temporary building modules. The temporary school will be ready for the 2021-2022 school year. Registration will be available for kindergarten and primary school pupils as from January [...]

Great progress for the Executive Agencies

On 23 January 2020, the Directors of the six Executive Agencies (CHAFEA, EACEA, EASME, ERCEA, INEA, REA) and the representative Trade Unions at the European Commission have signed a Memorandum of Understanding on the modalities of their mutual interaction. This memorandum has been elaborated in close cooperation with the Local Staff Committees of the Executive Agencies. By this Memorandum, the Directors recognise the Trade Unions as partner for discussion and that there is shared interest between Executive Agencies and Trade Unions for the benefit of the staff. The Memorandum shall re-inforce the Social Dialogue in Executive Agencies and link it with the Social Dialogue at the level of the Commission where the general rules are made. If the Executive Agencies do not wish to adopt [...]

Meeting with Commissionner Hahn

The Union Syndicale met with Commissioner Johannes Hahn on 22 January to make initial contact. He recalled the importance of contributing, exchanging and reaching a compromise when it comes to social dialogue. That is why he asked that the presidents of each local staff committee and each president of the trade union organisations express their expectations and objectives for the future. The representatives of Union Syndicale wished to emphasise the following points, which they consider crucial to establishing a constructive and federating social dialogue: • Union Syndicale is not at all in favour of a reform of the Staff Regulations and is instead asking the Commissioner to undertake a re-humanisation of the institution. • The recruitment of temporary staff must be totally transparent. • Meetings [...]