Digital revolution – EPSU fights for a trustworthy artificial intelligence use…

Digital revolution... Artificial intelligence... Newsletter EPSU - 06 February 2019 EPSU fights for a trustworthy artificial intelligence use that supports rather than substitutes public service workers! digitalisation and workers - artificial intelligence (4 February 2019) In January EPSU contributed to a public consultation on draft ethics guidelines for trustworthy artificial intelligence. The guidelines were drawn up by a high level expert group set up by the European Commission in June 2018. EPSU participated in the consultation, in coordination with the ETUC and the European Trade Union Institute. This follows work on the impact of artificial intelligence on the workforce carried out in some of the most exposed sectors and public services such as healthcare and utilities. EPSU's main point is to stress the need for [...]

Round Table: “Well-Being at Work” – 15 FEB 2019

After the organisation of the European Day of the Union Syndicale Fédérale (USF) on "Harassment at the workplace" on 23 October 2018, USF is organising a round table to raise awareness of Harassment at work, as part of its actions against this scourge. in partnership with Staff association of ACP, FRIDAY 15 FEBRUARY 2019, from 13:00 to 15:00, à la Maison ACP, avenue Georges Henri 451, 1200 Brussels (5 min from métro Mérode) Experts in this field, representatives of carers and victims, as well as members of the USF working on this issue will participate in this round table. It will be open to the public, in particular officials of the European institutions, embassies and diplomatic missions in Brussels. Provisional programme: Welcome and Registration (ACP Staff [...]

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Solidarity – USF supports its American colleagues !

Solidarity... SUPPORT TO OUR AMERICAN COLLEAGUES On both sides of the Atlantic, democracy and state systems framed with checks and balances have provided people and citizens with freedom and prosperity, safeguarding their dignity. At the core of these state systems, well-functioning public administrations staffed with highly qualified public employees safeguard the coherence and continuity of democratic governance. Fair treatment of these employees is a must for any democratic society. Union Syndicale Fédérale, the largest federation of European Union and international European officials´ trade unions, wholeheartedly supports our American colleagues who currently suffer from an unacceptable inability of the political authorities to find answers to stalemates and ways to compromise. Bernd Loescher USF President

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Protection of personal data – A clear warning from the Court: not protecting its staff sufficiently is an illegal act!

Case T-881/16: the administration is responsible for data breaches. The General Court has rendered an interesting judgement regarding the protection of personal data of EU staff. The Court underlined that any data breach allowing non qualified staff to have access to the personal file of a staff member renders the administration liable to pay moral compensation. The mere fact of not having adequately protected the personal file of a staff member is by definition an illegal act. The apologies by the head of administration are not sufficient to repair the damage caused. The administration can also not hide behind technical difficulties or human errors. A clear warning for our administrations: personal data protection is being enforced, also inside the EU institutions and bodies.

Harassment – New measures are to be taken in the European institutions !

The European Ombudsman, Emily O'Reilly, has drawn up a list of good practices after reviewing the anti-harassment policies in 26 EU institutions and agencies. Other important measures include allowing trainees to make formal complaints about harassment; regular training for confidential counsellors and the setting up of a pool of independent investigators, which institutions can draw upon during formal harassment investigations. The Ombudsman notes harassment cases can involve a significant power imbalance and suggests stronger rules for high-ranking personnel. Examples of good practice include the European Court of Auditors’ anti-harassment policy, which has strong disciplinary measures for culpable members, such as compulsory retirement or denial of pension rights... Médiateur européen - December 2018 - Communiqué de presse N°9/2018 To read more...

Pensions – Balance the Pension Scheme for EU Officials – The European Commission presents an interim report…

The aim of this interim report is to present an overview of the implementation of the rules for keeping in balance the Pension Scheme for EU Officials (PSEO) in the period 2014-2018. Those rules are laid down in Article 83a of the SR and Annex XII thereto... Pensions - Staff Regulations - Annex XII - Report Commission

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