ETUC launches Women’s Day call for vote for gender equality in European elections

The European elections in May are the most important for decades – and the turnout and vote of women will be crucial to halt the rise of the anti-European and far-right parties. On 8 March – International Women’s Day - the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) launches a call for women to vote in the European elections, and to vote for women candidates who support gender equality and trade union demands for a fairer Europe for all workers. “The trade union movement stands up for women’s rights and women’s participation in our democracy – as voters and as candidates”said Montserrat Mir, ETUC Confederal Secretary. “Women can make a big difference in stopping the rise of the far-right and in standing up for democracy in Europe. [...]

Women’s Day : Women’s struggles need to be more bold and radical than ever

Women’s Day is not a moment to celebrate the feminine. It is a day for political upheaval. Only by placing women’s struggles at the heart of labour action can we achieve the meaningful progress which generations of women have fought for. by Rosa Pavanelli General Secretary of Public Services International and chair of the Council of Global Unions Women’s Day is not a moment to celebrate the feminine. It is a day for political upheaval. Beginning in the last century, with working class women around the world taking to the streets, the International Women’s Strike, founded in 2017, is now renewing this spirit of solidarity and internationalism. Only by placing women’s struggles at the heart of labour action can we achieve the meaningful progress which [...]

IWD 2019: Women’s Right are Workers Rights

STRENGTHENING PUBLIC SERVICES – A DOUBLE WIN FOR GENDER EQUALITY USF along with EPSU, also through its membership in the European Trade Union Confederation, and by being the European region of Public Services International, engages on European and global level to fight for better pay and working conditions for public service workers. Gender equality has been at the core of EPSU’s work, with its Women’s and Gender Equality Committee convening regularly. EPSU is therefore well-placed to contribute to the 63rd session of the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW), with next year’s session main theme being, amongst other things, access to public services. Read EPSU briefing ahead of the 63rd session of the UN Commission on the Status of Women  

EU equality agency not treating employees equally, court rules

Gender institute wrongly paid temporary workers less than permanent staff, judgment says. By Ginger Hervey Updated 2/26/19, 8:12 PM CET READ on POLITICO WEBSITE An EU agency dedicated to promoting equality has not been treating its employees equally, according to a court ruling. The Lithuanian court ruled last week in favor of five former employees of the European Institute on Gender Equality (EIGE) who said the Vilnius-based agency has for years exploited the status of "temporary employees" to pay them less than normal EU staffers. The ex-employees filed the court case against the institute’s employment contractor last year, saying the compensation they received was discriminatory and seeking back payments for their work. Rytis Rudzinskas, the former employees' lawyer, said the ruling could be a warning to other EU [...]

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Harassment in the workplace – USF emphasizes the importance of prevention!

HARASSMENT IN THE WORKPLACE Round table February 2019 FINDINGS AND CONCLUSIONS   A large audience from the European Union institutions and the Secretariat of the African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) group of states had the opportunity to interact during the round table that was organised on the theme of #harassment at work by the Working Group on Harassment (WG) of Union Syndicale Fédérale (USF). The event took place in a conference room kindly made available by the ACP Secretariat in presence of the Peter Kempen, Secretary General of USF, as well as Maximin Emagna, President of the ACP Staff Association. Around the table: in addition to a representative of the victims, a psychologist specialising in well-being at work, a lawyer who regularly deals with Union [...]

AGORA 81 – The Internet, powered and enriched, has revolutionized our lives – and in the workplace…

Digital revolution : emerging issues AGORA 81 - SUMMARY   *Page 4 Suzette Saint-Marc Editorial - EN It is so commonplace and easy nowadays to access extensive documentation, services or products marketed online in a few clicks, that we tend to forget how much this fabulous tool that is the Internet has revolutionized our lives... *Page 6 Johannes Priesemann Schönes neues Geld - EN Häring delivered a thorough research about the “war on cash” declared some years ago by the big credit card firms - now shrewdly carried out under the more appealing name of “alliance for financial inclusion”... *Page 8 Félix Géradon Uberisation in Public Services Uberisation is spreading to more and more sectors of the economy. Even public services, which have so far [...]

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