Resolution: Enabling International Organisations to comply with the European Social Charter

The USF Congress invites the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, especially the Committee on Social Affairs, Health and Sustainable Development, to take this suggestion into account and consider recommending a follow-up by the bodies and instruments available at the Council of Europe. Member Organisations of USF shall also now suggest that their employer organisations include a reference to the ESC within their staff regulations. Resolution European Social Charter (EN)

Congress Emergency Resolution on EPO

The Member Organisations of Union Syndicale Fédérale, gathered in Congress in Bratislava, adopted on 2 June 2019 an emergency resolution on the situation of EPO staff and the unfair treatment of SUEPO trade unionists. Adopted unanimously, this emergency resolution was forwarded to the Director and the Governing Board of the EPO as soon as the Congress closed. Emergency resolution (EN)

Resolution on contractual precarity in European public services

The Congress is convinced that a fair contract management policy, respectful of the rights enshrined in the European Social Charter and the relevant European directives, is the only guarantee of the competence, independence and permanence of the European public service whose role, in the light of worrying trends unfolding in Europe, is more necessary today than ever. Resolution on precarity in European Public Services


On 23 May the European Federation of Public Service Unions (EPSU) will be before the General Court of the European Union bringing a claim against the European Commission for breaching rules on social dialogue (TFEU article 155.2). The action is the first time that a European trade union organisation has made a claim against the Commission on any social policy. EPSU is looking to annul an unprecedented decision by the Commission to refuse to make a proposal to Council for implementation of the central government social partners’ agreement on information and consultation rights. The judgment, expected before the end of the year, will determine the ongoing rights of EU social partners on matters of labour and social law. The social partners’ agreement was adopted in [...]