Remuneration-Pensions – Updating – The European Commission transmits an interim report…

This interim report implements the aforementioned provision by describing the process and outcome of the implementation of the rules for updating remuneration and pensions under Annex XI to the Staff Regulations (hereinafter the "Method") as well as the solidarity levy under Article 66a for the period 2014-2018... Remuneration-Pensions - Staff Regulations - Annex XI - Report Commission

Necrology – Ludwig Schubert passed away!

The eulogy exists only in French ! IN MEMORIAM ... J’ai connu Ludwig Schubert dans les années 70 en pleine crise économique du premier choc pétrolier et de ses conséquences sur le Service public européen naissant, comme jeune parisien, fonctionnaire syndicaliste travaillant loin de Bruxelles, au CCR à Ispra en Italie puis à Petten aux Pays-Bas. Il a été mon «maître» et mon «mentor» sur les grands dossiers statutaires traités solidairement le plus souvent côte à côte. Ludwig a toujours combiné avec succès, moyennant beaucoup d’efforts, de sacrifices et de travail, sa brillante carrière d’économiste de premier plan à la DG II (actuellement ECFIN - Affaires économiques et financières) avec une activité de représentant du personnel. Ludwig excellait dans la conception et les négociations concernant le statut [...]

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Fundamental rights – The Council of Europe discusses the means for redress to be given to the staff of international organisations against their administrations !

Discussions at the Council of Europe: the staff of international organisations need means for redress against their administrations ... Jurisdictional immunity of international organisations and the rights of their staff

Pensions – Pension rights: transferring or not? Before signing an application, seek advice…

Transferred pension rights ‘gone down the drain’ paid back after retirement Four members of the contract staff of the Court of Justice transferred their national pension rights to the EU pension scheme. The administration had not given them any hint of a 'minimum subsistence figure', which applied in their case. Only afterwards, they discovered that, with or without a transfer, the pension they could expect to receive would be the same. After a legal dispute which lasted 7 years, the General Court suggested to them the possibility of claiming their money back. To keep it short: Once the damage you claim to have sustained has become ‘real and certain’, i.e. once your pension has been calculated and you find out that the transferred capital did [...]

ILOAT – Around the discussions on the very worrying future of the organization, the President of the USF expresses some comments!

The future of ILOAT is still in a state of serious crisis! USF appreciates the opportunity to continue to contribute to the current discussions on the subject; the President expresses some comments in a letter... ILOAT letter - Bernd Loescher, USF President

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European School – Overcrowding in Brussels: USB Commission finds the proposed solution too risky, and writes it down!

  NEW EUROPEAN SCHOOL IN RUE DE LA LOI OPEN LETTER TO COMMISSIONER OETTINGER Brussels, 18 December 2018 There is a serious overcrowding problem at the Ecoles européennes in Brussels, as we all know. It has arisen because although pupils' numbers have grown year-on-year, the Office of the Secretary General for the European Schools and the Belgian Government (which is responsible for providing school buildings) have continuously failed to plan for this growth. A 5th European School was needed as of 2017 according to the Secretary General’s own forecasts, yet the project is only now being approved for the old NATO site and will not be open until 2024 at the earliest. Union Syndicale was informed that, to address this problem, the Belgian Federal authorities [...]