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2014 Staff Regulations reforms: cost savings overshadowed by their impact on the workforce

Who still wants to work for the EU? The European Court of Auditors' Report No 15/2019 analyses the Commission's implementation of the 2014 Staff Regulations reform and related measures. Verdict? Substantial savings, but not without [...]

Reform of Staff Regulations: many actions not definitively settled yet

In June 2019 issue of STAFF MATTERS, we will be looking at actions brought following the reform of the Staff Regulations which entered into force in 2014. Travel expenses, travelling time, annual leave, career capping, [...]

European Patents Office: 3 BIG Wins at the ILO-AT

The ATILO has handed down a number of Judgments on 26 June, in the course of its 126th session. This is a session on which the EPO Administration will not look with undiluted pleasure. To [...]

Rejet du recours USF contre la Réforme 2014

In French only !   ARRÊT DU TRIBUNAL (huitième chambre) 16 novembre 2017 «Recours en annulation – Délai de recours – Irrecevabilité – Responsabilité non contractuelle – Réforme du statut et du RAA – Règlement (UE, Euratom) no 1023/2013 – Irrégularités au [...]

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Harassment and Court Procedures

Harassment and court procedures Our Staff Regulations did not contain any provisions on harassment until the 2004 Reform when Article 12a was inserted (see inset below). The wording, which was the subject of countless [...]