L’annonce n’existe qu’en anglais !

No matter where in Europe you look, citizens from Poland to Ireland, from Bulgaria to Denmark are successfully campaigning in their personal and professional capacity to ensure equal rights for all and to give a voice to underrepresented groups in our society. While the role of women in enhancing democracy in Europe is often overlooked, it is never too late to shine the light
on their initiatives and to strengthen the capacity of civil society and female activism.

This panel debate takes place in the context of this year’s edition of the Women of Europe Awards and ahead of the Award ceremony held in the evening. This panel debate aims to discuss the efforts of women in making their voice heard, empowering minority groups and effectively advocating for equal rights. For this, we have invited three inspiring women to share their unique experience in fighting for a cause and to illustrate the powerful impact civic engagement and grassroots activism can have.



8.30: Registration

8.45-9.15: Kick-off remarks by the panel

9.15-10.15: Discussion with the audience