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The Tribunal castigates the EPO again

Le document n'existe qu'en anglais ! Results of the extraordinary session of ILO-AT held in Geneva on 6th December 2017 : the EPO castigated again ... 20171207 - EPO results of the extraordinary session of the ILO-AT today ... The EPO is castigated again For more information : DG3 Judge 1 DG3 Judge 2 Personal Case in TH Bernd Loescher - Président de l'USF

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Opération Lunettes Sans Frontières – Commission/SEAE

  Aidons-les à avoir une meilleure vue Changez leur vue, changez des vies   Qui d’entre nous n’a pas une paire de lunettes qui traine au fond de son tiroir, qui ne sont plus adaptées à notre vue et dont nous ne nous servons plus? Nous vous proposons de participer à une action de solidarité en utilisant une meilleure façon de recycler vos lunettes (de lecture, de vue, de soleil) qui vous encombrent. 20171128 - Opération lunettes sans frontières - FR

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European Movement Federal Assembly

  L'article n'existe qu'en anglais !   News from the European Movement International USF attended the Federal Assembly of European Movement International, Friday 24 and Saturday 25 November 2017. Along with ETUC and other Trade Unions, USF delegates were present to underline the importance of the Social Pillar for the future of Europe. EMI advocates "a complete rethink of EU budget priority areas, rather than indiscriminate cuts on all budget lines." [more…] Topics which were discussed in the plenary included: Democracy, citizen participation and fundamental values, including the proposal for pan-european voting lists at the next European Parliamentary elections; the proposal of Emmanual Macron to hold Democratic conventions; the situation in each of the countries where EMI is present, in particular the challenges to democracy, [...]

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Letter from EPSU on Employment Framework at EPO

  Le document n'existe qu'en anglais ! We have been informed by our colleagues of USF, our affiliate in the European institutions, agencies and international organisations, that the current management of EPO has proposed the introduction of a new Employment Framework ... 20171124 - EPSU - Letter Chair EPO C. Ernst - EN

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Human Rights of staff of International Organisations

  La lettre n'existe qu'en anglais ! The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe has now included in its agenda the insufficient protection of the Human Rights of staff of International Organisations. USF welcomes this commitment and contributes to the debate with a suggestion based on an extension of the mandate of the European Committee of Social Rights ... 20171122 - USF - Human Rights of staff of International Organisations - Lettre - EN

« Employment Framework » at the EPO …

  La lettre n'existe qu'en anglais ! "USF is addressing the Council of the European Patent Office. A new employment scheme is under discussion for the EPO, relying essentially on fixed term contracts: disastrous effects on health and well-being of employees and their families are to be expected, the scheme is completely ill-designed for use in an Institution supposed to carry out sovereign tasks." 20171120 - OEB - Lettre à Monsieur Ernst - EN

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